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Tools are a very important part of every massage, depending on your likes, needs, and the type of massage, the tools are going to be different. These tools vary in size, temperature, and textures. Here is a list of them so you can decide which one suits you the best.

Bamboo Rollers
Bamboo rollers have been used in massages since ancient times. Many bamboo tools exist, such as feet rollers with textures, sticks, and long rolls. At Serenity, we use long bamboo rolls combined with heat to provide deep muscle relaxation.

Hot stones
Hot Stones are also a very common tool used in massages. These hand-sized stones come from basalt river stones, they are combined with heat to provide the most relaxing and unique experience possible.

massage stones

Balls and rollers
This type of tool can vary in material, some are made of plastic with different textures, wood, and some even from crystals like jade and quartz. The combination of hot and cold materials elevates the experience with the smooth or textured touch of these tools.

Cupping is an ancient healing therapy that combines heat and pressure to release tension from muscle fibers. The cups are small, rounded, glass cups that are heated with alcohol and placed onto the skin to create suction and provide a unique massaging experience.

CBD Oils
Including CBD Oils in massages brings more benefits than we think. They are a powerful relaxant, they bring relief for chronic pain and ease anxiety and stress. The stigma behind CBD oils sometimes makes people afraid of using them, but the proven benefits exist and there is no harm in using them.

Massage Table
A massage wouldn’t be the same without a massage table. This tool is crucial for every massage but there is a reason behind it. A massage table was designed specifically to give comfort, more stability for the massage therapist and the client, and it makes it easier for the therapist to move and adjust it for every type of massage.

Reflexology Sticks
Reflexology is a type of massage made principally on the hands and feet to touch acupuncture points and relieve different symptoms of different parts of the body. To reach these points, massage therapists use reflexology sticks, they are mainly made from wood and look like short pointed sticks.

Massage Gun
Massage guns are another great tool for massages, especially for at-home massages. They stimulate muscle tissue, increase overall circulation, relieve muscle tension, and reduce physical pain. This type of tool is popularly used by professional athletes and people that make a lot of physical activity.

Massage scrappers are great tools for deeper reach in the massage tissues. These tools are usually made from stones like quartz, stainless steel, jade, and bian. Massage therapists use these tools for different parts of the body to release tension trapped deeper in the muscles, including the face (for example a Gua Sha).

The most versatile tool in every massage are the hands. The fingers, thumbs, elbows, and pressure combinations make them the most important and versatile tool for massages. Hands can perform every single type of massage and adapt to every client’s need.

At Serenity… we offer many different types of massage that fit every expectation and requirement you need. Make sure to check them out and maybe even choose one that includes one of the tools listed in the article! Whatever your preferences are, you’ll leave happy and relaxed.

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